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Nimbuzz Etiquette

Nimbuzz is a community, and members of a community must respect each other. If something is not permitted or causes offence in real life then it is also not welcome on Nimbuzz. In particular, Nimbuzz expects all members not to break the law, not to get involved in any offensive behaviour, use any of the Nimbuzz Platforms for any obscene or unwanted sexual exchanges, not to indulge in any behaviour which directly or indirectly incites any communal or racial hatred or riots, promote any kind of intolerance of any religion or social establishment; and not to attempt to harm anyone especially a young person/juvenile in any way.


Note of caution :

For the safety and privacy of your Nimbuzz account, remember to never enter your password unless you're on the real Nimbuzz website or product. Choose a Nimbuzz ID that doesn’t give away your name, location, birthday or gender (male/female), think about using an avatar instead of a real photo, and choose a password that is very hard to guess. You should never give out your real contact details (home address, phone number etc.) except if necessary to people you know, and we don’t recommend arranging to meet in person any strangers that you have met/or meet online. Be sure to only download software, or purchase products or services from sites you trust, as untrustworthy sources may contain viruses or opportunities for hacking your account that may ruin your system or invade your privacy or cause losses to you.

So for example, apart from Nimbuzz’s terms of use, which you must also comply with, when using Nimbuzz, according to applicable laws you must not:

  • Use vulgar, profane, racially, religiously or sexually offensive or obscene language or images.
  • Post or request sexually explicit images or other offensive content.
  • Exploit or abuse anyone in any way and especially someone under 18.
  • Discuss illegal activity, such as how to get drugs, make explosives, distribute viruses, or pirated copyrighted works.
  • Use Nimbuzz to send viruses, pirated files, chain letters, spam or other prohibited content.
  • Ask for or offer sexually explicit images, and/or other material harmful to children.
  • Harass, bully, threaten, insult, embarrass, or do anything else to another Nimbuzz user that is unwanted or unwarranted.
  • Hack, flood or disrupt any chatroom or ID.
  • Infringe anyone else's intellectual property rights, including any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights.
  • Impersonate anyone or say you represent Nimbuzz.
  • Link up to any content not allowed under any of Nimbuzz’s rules or conditions.
  • Try and get any Nimbuzz member's password or other account information.
  • Post or request personal or other information from someone else and especially someone under 18.
  • Use Nimbuzz applications while driving, creating traffic hazards.


You can report any unwanted or illegal activity or any other problem by contacting us on
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