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US: 4 injured in brawl at Gurudwara

World News 16-04-2018 Indianapolis(Indiana) 236

US: 4 injured in brawl at Gurudwara

A brawl at a Sikh temple in the United States' Indianapolis left four people with minor injuries."Police and health teams responded on Sunday to a verbal and physical fight involving about 150 people at the Gurdwara Sikh temple in the city just south of Indianapolis" the Fox News quoted Matthew Fillenwarth Assistant Police Chief of Greenwood as saying.The altercation began as there was a change of leadership within the temple which happens every two years, Fillenwarth added.Four people suffered minor injuries and have been admitted to the hospital.

They will be later questioned by the police.The police are reviewing the surveillance video from the temple to know the exact sequence of events.


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