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Trump signs two-week spending bill to prevent shutdown

World News 9-12-2017 WashingtonDC 247

Trump signs two-week spending bill to prevent shutdown

United States President Donald Trump has signed a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown and keep the federal government running through December 22.The continuing resolution (CR) was sent to the president's desk after passing both the House and the Senate late Thursday.Trump signed the measure without fanfare, one day after Congress sent it to his desk.The measure funds the government until December 22, giving congressional leaders two more weeks to negotiate a broader spending agreement, reported the Hill.Democrats and Republicans have been at an impasse over a long-term government funding deal.The bill will give them more time to negotiate several end-of-year agenda items, said the White House and lawmakers.The measure makes money available to several states that are running out of funds for the Children's Health Insurance Program, a widely popular program that provides medical are to more than eight million children, the report said....

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