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Cabinet gives ex-post facto approval to India's approach at WTO

World News 3-01-2018 New Delhi 195

Cabinet gives ex-post facto approval to Indias approach at WTO

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday gave its ex-post facto approval to the approach adopted by India at the Eleventh Ministerial Conference (MC11) of the WTO held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in December 2017.The mandate exercised and approach adopted at the conference was aimed at protecting India's interests, priorities and concerns during the Ministerial Conference.The MC11, which took place from December 10 to 13 December last year, was chaired by Minister Susana Malcorra of Argentina.The conference ended with a number of ministerial decisions, including on fisheries subsidies and e-commerce duties, and a commitment to continue negotiations in all areas.Earlier in the day, the Union Cabinet gave its ex-post facto approval for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between India and the United States (US) for co-hostin

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