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World News 2-01-2018 2741


Yes! Its True!! After the whatsapp video calling feature, now SKYPE has been banned, but in UAE only as confirmed by the Telecom providers DU and Etisalat

New year is full of hope for everyone and everyone is expecting something good for the year. But in UAE, SKYPE App is BANNED

Etisalat Twitter handler says: The access to the SKYPE App is blocked since it is providing unlicensed Voice over internet Protocol (VOIP) Services, which falls under the classification of Prohibited contents as per the UAE Regulatory Framework.

Where DU says: Please note that any unauthorised applicaitons or services that are providing VOIP calling services are not supported in UAE

Here important thing to note is the impact on business, as most of the companies use SKYPE for Business meetings over video / conference calls. 

The telecom providers in UAE have provided option like BOTIM app and C'Me app for video or voice calls but for using the apps, user have to pay charges. 

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