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Education - Source Of Monetization???

World News 3-01-2018 2203

Education - Source Of Monetization???

The title above surely asks for a thought from everyone. Gaining and imparting knowledge and education is one of the pious job considered right from ancient times. Schools,colleges and universities were and even are considered 'a temple of knowledge', but is it still a temple is where the question arises. Today getting education in school and universities have become a great and difficult deal. Heavy fees, lack of substanial study material and absence of highly qualified teachers is the present scenario of every schools and colleges. Even getting enrolled in online courses is not everyone's cup of tea.

Donation has become the key to get enrolled in any course which can provide you materials to study but cannot make master of it.

Even the zing which the schools used to impart earlier is missing now-a-days. Today there is only glamour but no studies. The creativity is lost somewhere and left is only the pressure which makes the students to cram up everything without understanding its meaning.

A change is required to be brought in the education system. The education we gain today is what gonna help to bring change in the entire world.

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