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The Digital World is filled with surprise and Worry

Technology 20-12-2017 1968

The Digital World is filled with surprise and...

I come to the discussion of the impact of technology on our lives.I am not a Luddite or anti technology! in reality, i like technology,  and couldn’t do what I do without computers, smartphones, social media, and every one of the wonderful tools at our disposal in our digital world. As I share my thoughts about technology,alerting and educating people about the technological invasion with that we are presently confronted. Admittedly, I tend to target the negatives of technology, however only because the positives are so obvious.

Let’s begin with my professional side.


There are five things i feel concerning technology:

  • Technology is one in every of the most powerful forces in children’s lives these days
  • Technology is neither smart nor bad, however it's not neutral
  • Too early, too much, and unguided exposure to media will not prepare kids for successful and happy lives
  • Children should develop a healthy relationship with technology to prosper
  • Parents are primarily responsible for the connection that their kids have with technology

There is little doubt that the digital world has much to offer kids and families. the internet provides AN almost infinite universe of knowledge which will inspire and educate. It will connect people across large distances. the internet will bring people together supported shared values, interests, and ideas. we've got seen technology causes and movement, literally helping to change the world, mostly for the better. Technology had catalyzed collaboration, creativity, and innovation. And, in many ways, it's helped people to guide more productive and efficient lives.

But the digital world has a dark side as well. Cyberbullying, online porn, privacy and anonymity, sexting, bigger influence of an unhealthy popular culture, supposed multitasking, commerce, the “quantification” of friends, shallowness of communications, and just plain bad manners.

First, of all the issues close excessive use of technology by kids and adults. If you’re not aware of this phrase, it implies that time spent using technology means time not spent doing other things that i feel are much more valuable and healthy, as an example, being with family and friends, exercising, and studying. I have no downside with teens (and their parents) using technology—I use it plenty!—but it should be the exception, not the rule, to how they pay their time. In different words, it shouldn’t dominate your family’s lives.

Second, I’m not here to inform you the way you must use technology in your family. That’s a choice that only you'll be able to build. What i will be able to do, though, is build the following recommendations as you explore the role of technology in your children’s and family’s lives:

Be a task model for technology: Your kids will likely adopt whatever relationship you've got with media Stay connected to your kids by spending time with them and interacting with them directly rather than through technology.

Make deliberate choices, supported your family, priorities, and style, concerning that and the way much technology is gift in your family’s lives.

Set limits and supply steering in your children’s use of technology.

Most importantly: Have regular time once all of you need to put off your technology and live and enjoy life in the analog world.

Please Note : The opinions/views expressed in the above article/content are the personal views/opinions of the author and do not represent the views of Nimbuzz or the Publisher MGTL.
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