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Tech Wonders : Air Pollution converted into Usable Ink !!!

Technology 11-12-2017 1660

Tech Wonders : Air Pollution converted into...

Last night while watching Ted Talks India, I came to know about an MIT scientist, Mr. Anirudh Sharma, who has done wonders. His team is being involved in converting pollution into ink which is no less than a miracle.The way he communicated his ideas was worth watching and highly appreciative.

A firm in Bangalore, where the process is being carried out to trap pollutants, separate the carbon from the particulate matter and use this carbon to make ink. This novel and unique procedure shows us ways in recycling air pollution and could pave the way to tackle pollution-related issues that has plagued several parts of India.

Graviky Labs, the company behind the innovation, is a MIT Media Lab Spin-off. The company was founded by MIT Media Lab alumnus, Anirudh Sharma with Nikhil Kaushik and Nitesh Kadyan. The company, in their website, say that they fuse disciplines, technologies, design thinking to build highly impactful deployable systems, products and visions. “Our current area of work is applying high technology and design thinking to environment issues,” they say.

Anirudh Sharma doesn't just want to pull harmful carbon from the air. He wants to offer a cheaper alternative to the exorbitant costs of ordinary printer ink.

Anirudh Sharma recently invented "Kaala", a device that can gobble up toxic pollutants and instantly recycle them, along with small amount of alcohol and oil, into black printer ink.

Sharma estimates a 4-year-old diesel engine could produce enough carbon to fill an HP cartridge within 60 minutes. A chimney would take only 10 minutes approximately.

Recreating that ink wouldn't take much effort."Usually, people don't know about this, but the ink you're buying is nothing," he says. "It's just carbon black mixed with a few chemicals, and that's all. If you're making your own ink, the cost would definitely be much, much lower."

Sharma hopes that his handheld device could match up to a size that sits on par with leading carbon-capture systems, huge walls of fans that trap carbon lurking in the air. 

This invention will surely be one of the greatest help to India to fight against the pollution giant.

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