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Tech Alert : Indian Restaurant employs ROBOTS instead of Waiters!!!!

Technology 20-12-2017 1834

Tech Alert : Indian Restaurant employs ROBOTS...

Revolutionization has come in India and this can thoroughly be seen in the southern corner of our country. A restaurant in Southern Chennai has reformed the customer service by employing Robot waiters for food and drinks which is a clear example that our country is progressing in fast pace.

The restaurant which was formerly known as ‘Momo’ was re-launched as ‘Robot‘ after the founding partners Venkatesh Rajendran and Karthik Kannan decided to include technology with gourmet. Here,a tray-wielding humanoid delivers food to the customers and collects the dirty dishes and takes it back to the kitchen. Patrons can order food at this restaurant that largely comprises of Thai and Chinese cuisines using only phone tabs that are placed at every table.

Use of service robots is a common phenomenon in many countries. The demand for service robots is expected to accelerate in the next three years as robots. Many are already employed to perform tasks such as assisting medical surgery, milking cows or moving objects around warehouses. Thereby, becoming more popular for domestic and personal use.

This restaurant is must visit for everyone and will surely be a hit among the tech-savy ones. 

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