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Selfie Sticks Outdated, Era of Drone starts capturing photos and videos in Midair

Technology 12-12-2017 1964

Selfie Sticks Outdated, Era of Drone starts...

Technology has boomed and groomed itself so much that life has become super easy and smooth. Infact the whole world relies on technology only to get most of their work done. Countless inventions are showered every second by the tech world and one such invention is AirSelfie by a drone.

The new pocket-size drone dubbed as the "AirSelfie" is here to help you remotely capture aerial photos and videos. So now you can get rid of selfie sticks to capture the snaps and videos of yourself and your crew.

The AirSelfie is the innovation of Italian entrepreneur Edoardo Stroppiana, who came up with the idea in 2014. AirSelfie is completely user-friendly and an alternative of the drones which are too expensive and bulky.

The AirSelfie is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera that can shoot full high-definition (HD) 1080p video, as well has a 4GB microSD card. With the help of AirSelfie,  pictures can be taken from any distance, height and angle which was never possible while using a selfie stick. The four rotors present in the drone help it fly up to 65 feet (20 meters) in the air and it weighs 1.83 ounces (52 grams).

The drone employs sonar to measure its altitude and a tiny extra camera is adjoined to maintain the stability of the drone and also to navigate its surroundings for signs of any jitter. It is also equipped with gyroscopes, barometers and geomagnetic sensors that help it navigate as it flies.

The AirSelfie is controlled via a free iOS or Android app. The app can make the drone take off, adjust its height and direction, let it hover autonomously, and help users take an HD aerial shot or video with just a push of a button. Users can also activate a 10-second timer, giving people enough time to hide their phones so they don't appear in the picture or video. The drone can take up to eight consecutive shots.

The AirSelfie sends photos and videos wirelessly to smartphones with the help of WiFi. The app also allows users to post photos and videos taken with the drone instantly on the social media.

The drone can be switched off and made to return to its departure point automatically with the touch of a button. Users can also guide the AirSelfie back manually, and it is safe for the drone to land on a person's open hand, or even for people to grab the drone while it is still hovering in midair.

A rechargeable lithium polymer battery gives the AirSelfie a flight time of 3 minutes, according to the company. There is a additional Power Bank over the AirSelfie like a smartphone case which can recharge the drone in 30 minutes. The drone can also be charged directly with a micro-USB cable.

This is certainly one of the most convenient option than stretching your hands and looking for the best angles to take the snap. The drones are available in the markets at reasonable rates.

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