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Apple's New iPad - The Economical One!!

Technology 5-12-2017 1108

Apples New iPad - The Economical One!!

Apple is set to release one of its most affordable and economical 9.7 inch iPad in 2018. The tech giant is surely to take the world by storm by announcing the new version of iPad at a price of $259 (approximately Rs. 16,700) which is lower than the iPad which was launched this year in March at a price tag of $329 (approximately Rs.21,200).

This step taken by the company is to ensure its firm grip in the market and to revoke the sales of iPad which have been falling since 2014.

It has still not been confirmed whether the company will replace or accompany the 9.7 inch iPad which was launched in 2017. The newer model which is supposed to come in 2018 might be a little toned down version of the one which is in the market with the similar design and camera sensor. This definitely is going to boost the economics of the company as it will be the most affordable full size iPad from Apple.

This new iPad will reportedly be manufactured by Apple supplier Compal Electronics, and is expected to step its foot in the second half of 2018.

This has come as a great news but reportedly there has been no confirmation yet from the company and thus the Apple fans have still to wait with a bated breath to receive the confirmation from the company.

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