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Amazon Shipped 5 BILLION Order through PRIME

Technology 3-01-2018 1661

Amazon Shipped 5 BILLION Order through PRIME

Though 2017 is not good for all the companies but the delivery report shows that its one of the best year for Amazon.

As per the latest reports, company has confirmed that it has shipped more than 5 BILLION products through Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service offered by the company which gives the customers access to the delivery of the product within 24 to 48 hours of placing the order, streaming of videos and music and other benefits. 

Prime offer says - Get unlimited free deliveries of product on the eligible items from the largest online store. Apart from two days delivery, they offer free delivery to the prime members too with no minimum order value. You have to subscribe for prime membership. 

Amazon Prime Vice President Greg Greeley said: Members used digital benefits like Prime Video, Prime music and prime reading more than ever before this year. 

Even in the last week of this year more than four million people started the FREE Trials of Prime or bought memberships in a single week.

And Amazon's Fire TV Stick (like Chrome device) and Echo Dot topped the chart of the most selling products ordered by the Prime members. 

Info Source : CNET

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