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You Might Be Suffering From High Blood Pressure

Health 18-12-2017 987

 You Might Be Suffering From High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure or hypertension, as it is most commonly referred to is a very common problem but its effect can be very dangerous and may even lead to death. Let us give a few minutes of our time and gain some knowledge about it.


High Blood Pressure is a condition in which the force of blood against the artery is high enough, that in long term it eventually causes major health problems like Heart Attack and Stroke.

A normal person has a blood pressure reading of 120/80 mm Hg. Hypertension is defined when the blood pressure rises above 140/90 mm Hg level, and is considered severe if the pressure is above 180/120 mm Hg level.


High B.P generally has no signs or symptoms, even if the pressure reaches dangerously high levels. The only way to know if you have high blood pressure is to have yourself checked at regular intervals. If you turned 18, consult a doctor for a health check-up every 2 years till you turn 40. If you are 40 or above, get your blood pressure measured twice a year as these are the most common ages for problems to strike.


For the majority of people, there is no specific identifiable reason for high blood pressure. This type is known as Primary (Essential) Hypertension. There are other reasons which may lead to hypertension such as Thyroid, Kidney problems, alcohol abuse etc. This type is known as Secondary Hypertension.

Prevention and Cure

For the majority, lifestyle is the root cause and Changing your lifestyle can go a long way toward controlling high blood pressure. Doctors recommendation may include you to follow a healthy diet with less salt, exercise regularly, quit smoking and maintain a healthy weight.

In addition to diet and exercise, your doctor may recommend medication to lower your blood pressure.

Your blood pressure treatment goal depends on how healthy you are. Stay healthy Stay Safe.


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