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Spondylitis: Pain In Back

Health 26-12-2017 2412

Spondylitis: Pain In Back


Ageing is one of the key factors which paves a way to other various problems as well. But then with ageing comes problems in the body and affecting the spine and other kinds of supporting structures of the body. One of the main diseases that tend to happen in the spine is spondylitis which tends to erode the joints between the vertebrates of the spine. A really risky yet painful disease that tends to happen to rather ageing people or due to improper treatment or maintenance of the body.


With ageing some various other problems that tend to affect the human body. In the spine, there are vertebrates and discs which are responsible for the construction of the spine and giving it all the structural support that it needs. But then this disc starts to get thin and starts to decompose due to various different reasons, you tend to observe some acute pain and some really intriguing pain which then needs to be treated for spondylitis to not occur again.


There are no peculiar causes as to why or how spondylitis event tends to happen, but then ageing has been one of the key factors through which this disease tends to happen. Other risk factors are given below.

1.    Join tissue or any operation that wasn’t done properly in the joints.

2.    Fatigue.

3.    Lack of physical movement.

4.    Obesity.

5.    Excessive smoking and drinking.

6.    Pertaining back problems due to various reasons.

Also, spondylitis tends to happen if you have a heredity issue through which even though you are very careful about yourself, it may occur later in your lifetime.


Well, the symptoms are particularly painful. Other than that you can experience every other symptom that is related to your back. Some of which are given below.

1.    There are acute stiffness and adverse pain in your buttock region which tends to last up to 3 months.

2.    A huge amount of discomfort where you just can move yourself causing you to stay still without any sort of physical movement.

3.    Sensation goes for a toss as the spinal cord is being tampered with. And the brain loses many sensory connections as well.

4.    A lot of swelling.

5.    Improper vision or impaired vision that is due that inflammation caused by the spinal cord.

6.    A hunched back posture that can be for a lifetime if not treated properly.

7.    There is an overgrowth of bones over time. It is mainly caused when the disc is no longer present and then the two vertebrates under pressure fuse and form a new bone.

Spondylitis not only affects your spinal cord but also tends to affect your joints that tend to cause a lot of pain and even result in some severe loss of movement in the location where it may tend to happen.


There are several different kinds of treatment that you can go for which can help you to treat spondylitis. X rays, CT scans can show a detailed image of how the spondylitis is positioned at and also give a thorough representation of the damage. Also, different blood tests might be taken in order to know what level of damage that the disease may have caused in the body as well. But some of the precautionary methods are given below.

1.    Proper medication – several studies have shown that proper medication related to the anti-inflammatory drugs can help in the disc to regenerate back and provide some proper cushioning to the vertebrates for the proper movement of bones. Also, make sure that you try to have or maintain complete rest such that the healing process can happen at a faster pace.

2.    Physical therapy – physical therapy can help you regain all control over your muscles and also help you maintain some constant motion over them. Regardless of how severe the damage that might be caused to your bone, physical therapy overtime can help in providing some proper treatment to live a normal life.

3.    Other kinds of therapies – other than the one given above, there are various other kinds of therapies that help you to recover from this kind of diseases. Due to the advent of some really advanced treatments, you can actually be free from spondylitis in no time. Also, the recovery period is reduced, there is no blood loss and risk of scarring. Also, the side effects of trauma and pain are neglected as well.


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