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Quick Crispy Poha Potato Cutlets

Health 2-01-2018 1352

Quick Crispy Poha Potato Cutlets

Who doesn’t like something to have for an evening snack?  No matter if you are a wife, a mother or a hungry bachelor, with this recipe you are sorted.

This dish is perfect for snacks or sides at a brunch with the least ingredients. Many of us face this issue while cooking cutlets is that either we run out of corn flour or the binding doesn’t happen properly. For vegetarians it becomes even more difficult as they cannot use eggs for coating. So that is the reason I am using Poha( Flattened Rice) as it is highly available and acts as a perfect binding agent.

And if you are thinking these will be deep fried, then I have a way around for all those people trying to cut down on oil. Just hang in there and read till the end.

So, let’s get started with the recipe.

Ingredients –

  1. Poha or Flattened rice – 1 Bowl
  2. Potato – Medium in size , boiled, 6-7
  3. Green Chili – 2 chopped
  4. Onion – 1 medium chopped
  5. Coriander/Cilantro
  6. Salt – as per taste
  7. Red Chili/Paprika Powder – 1 Tbsp.
  8. Chat Masala – 1 Tbsp.
  9. Coriander Powder – 1 Tbsp.
  10. Oil – to fry

Process –            

  1. In a large bowl add every ingredient except oil and boiled potatoes. Mix everything well.
  2. Now add potatoes, mash them and blend everything well together.
  3. Divide in small portions and give them the shape that you prefer.
  4. In a pan, heat some oil. Depends on your wish if you want to go for shallow fry or deep frying.
  5. Now gently place the cutlets in oil and fry them until golden brown.
  6. Keep switching sides to avoid burning.

Note- If you are avoiding oil intake then no issues, you can still enjoy these delicious treats. Follow the below steps.

  1. Take a microwaveable bowl, prefer glass. Apply little oil to the bottom to avoid sticking.
  2. Place the cutlets in the bowl and with a brush apply very little oil.
  3. Now microwave (select the menu as per your model of microwave)
  4. And these are ready.

Serve hot with ketchup, any kind of sauces or coriander chutney. J

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