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Oral Cancer: Are you also facing any of these symptoms? know more

Health 22-12-2017 1930

Oral Cancer: Are you also facing any of these...

Cancer is one of the most harmful diseases that have a widespread in the world with more than 40% of the total men and women in the world are affected by it. Cancer comes in various types of sizes and shapes but then with reference to this topic we have one particular harmful kind of cancer known as oral cancer. Oral cancer is a form cancer that is caused inside your mouth or oral cavity. It is mainly caused due to the uncontrollable growth of cancer cells in your mouth. Everything right on your tongue to your lips tends to be affected by it. Various forms of soft flesh with some weird colours tend to grow on it thus making it much more hazardous and also creating a really bad impact on your life if not treated properly.


Oral cancer can be caused by several different things that you might be practising in your day to day life. But let’s look into the main causes as to how oral cancer is caused.

1.    Excessive smoking – smoking can cause severs different kinds of problems in your body that can easily kill you from within without even you knowing it. A chain smoker has six times more chances of developing cancer than a normal person and in the case of oral cancer, the chances are of plenty.

2.    Smokeless consumption of tobacco – weather you smoke or you don’t, consumption of tobacco can pace way to the rise of oral cancer in your body. The individuals who intake these kinds of smokeless products are 50 times more likely to get this form of cancer and die of It really soon.

3.    Heredity – if oral cancer runs in your family you can easily get this form of cancer and also be in the chances of inheriting it without you even knowing it. It’s evident that you can prevent it in early stages but the time at which you get to know that you have oral cancer is a crucial one.

4.    Excessive radiation of the sun – going out in the sun is completely fine as there is an abundance of vitamin D. but then when you tend to go in the sunlight for a longer period of time without proper protection, especially at a younger age. This can cause some really harmful effects on your health and in worst case scenario can cause this cancer within you.

But then even if you are aware of all of these causes and stay away from it, 25% of the total world population is still diagnosed by it unknowingly.


Now that we have learnt about oral cancer and the causes of it, let’s dig a bit deeper into what are the symptoms and how can you get to know that you have oral cancer within you.

1.    There is difficulty in moving the jaw or swallowing of food and even talking.

2.    you tend to lose a lot of weight.

3.    Improper growth of tooth and there are some gaps in between.

4.    You get a sore throat but at the back of your throat.

5.    Ears start to pain.

6.    There is some development of scares and sores on your face, mouth and neck which then starts to bleed and doesn’t tend to heal for 2 weeks.

7.    There is a lot of swelling and thickening of gums and nodes. Even the lips and gums are bruised and start to bleed excessively.

8.    Formation of some white velvety kind of patches in the mouth.

9.    You tend to lose the control of your tongue because of the numbness that you feel in your mouth.

10.    No explanation as to why there might be this much bleeding in general.

But the changes that you see on your face and mouth might be not that great in the starting phases. But later on, these changes get on a wider scale which then causes a lot of damage and might even result in death.


Oral cancer is same as other kinds of cancer that you can witness in your body. And to eliminate it you have to undergo radiation therapy or chemotherapy that destroys the cancer cells in that particular region. But that has to be done at an early stage as the widespread of these cancerous cells can develop at a faster rate. But then how does one prevent oral cancer? and what are the remedies that you might have to take in order to irradiate it? Let’s take a look.

1.    Smoking is the primary cause of this kind of cancer. Make sure that you stop smoking and live a smoke-free life.

2.    Excessive drinking also can lead to this kind of cancer unknowingly. It can also result in liver failure as well.

3.    Also, make sure that you have sun protection at all times such that you can protect yourself from the UV radiations from the sun. make sure you apply it everywhere even on your lips, to give your body all round protection forms this disease.

4.    Give yourself a daily examination of checking every part of your oral cavity to see whether or not there in proper shape, there is no swelling of gums or pain anywhere. If you tend to find something strange or different in your mouth, consult the doctor immediately. 

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