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Medical Tourism In India: Benefits of Travelling Abroad for Treatment

Health 20-12-2017 1341

Medical Tourism In India: Benefits of...


Quality healthcare at an affordable cost is every individual’s right. While each country should aim to be self-sufficient in providing the best healthcare to all its citizens, certain medical conditions demand over-the-top attention that is not always possible to be delivered.

That’s where the role and benefits of travelling abroad for treatment come in. Flying off to other countries for advanced or even regular medical procedures are becoming increasingly common. This is adding to the quality and popularity of global healthcare and making it more accessible, affordable and hassle-free for the rest of the world. This evolution is especially evident in India wherein medical facilities are increasingly becoming highly advanced and affordable. This is also propelled by better communication and technology channels.


If you are considering travelling abroad for treatment, India is the go-to place to avail the following main benefits of medical tourism.


The quality of healthcare around the world is getting a lot better. Medical centres and institutions across the globe are actively opting for National Institutes of Health (NIH) membership, the largest biomedical research agency in the world providing financial support to researchers of medicine and health.

To act as a testament to the world-class medical services that these centres provide, credible accreditations are being obtained from prominent international organisations such as the Joint Commission International (JCI), International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) etc.


Contrary to popular belief, undergoing medical treatment in a foreign country is much more cost-effective. Various countries provide attractive packages for tremendous cost-saving without compromising on the quality of the treatment. Well trained and experienced surgeons and doctors deliver the best services.


With the growing trends in technology, it is now easier to progress, research, develop and book medical services abroad. The convenience of booking and availing best medical services online, right from basic tests to consulting the doctor can easily be opted online, making it hassle-free.


So you travel not just to undergo treatment, but also to get to explore the other country and witness new places. Medical tourists, who opt travelling overseas for less serious treatments like dental care and other regular procedures like cosmetics etc. can make the most of their trip. It is no wonder people can be found sight-seeing days before they are due to undergo a surgery.

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