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Kidney Cancer: Facts & Treatment In India

Health 28-12-2017 1517

Kidney Cancer: Facts & Treatment In India


There are certain organs which tend to help in excretion of waste products from our bodies. One such organ is the kidney which tends to help in the production of waste materials from the blood in the form of urine. This is a great help in keeping you fit and fine. Kidney cancer, on the other hand, alters this process and causes many side effects that later can be fatal and even cause death. Kidney cancer is a type of cancer that affects either one of the two kidneys or both that can alter the normal functioning. 


There isn’t any proper theory as to why kidney cancer tends to happen in the first place but research has shown that kidney cancer starts off with the accumulation of cells near the kidney and starts to mutate rapidly. It then tends to mutate and spread all over the kidney in the later stages. Thus paving way for the rise of kidney cancer in the later phases. But this process isn’t rapid but, happens over time and can be treated if detected early in its mutating phase.


Generally, kidney cancer happens to only those people who might have a slighter elevated habit of doing something in excessive that might disturb the proper functioning of the kidneys.  Let us take a look at the main/primary causes of kidney cancer.

1.    Having high blood pressure – What this means to say is that if you have high blood pressure and isn’t treated properly then it may result in kidney cancer. Mainly because of the dysfunction of the kidneys due to over passage of blood through the kidneys.

2.    Smoking – Tobacco and other smoking items are the primary reasons for any sort of disease or cancerous things to affect your body. To be free from all such diseases, avoid smoking as it tends to alter everything that is functioning normally.

3.    Obesity – Due to overweight where you have no proper control over your weight, it may result in kidney cancer because of improper flow of blood and loads of cholesterol making it impossible for the kidneys to function properly.

4.    Heredity – Members of your family having this kind of cancer might as well get affected by the same if not treated properly.



Kidney cancer can never be detected in the early stages. But then in the early stages, you can sense some slight pain in the kidney portion of the body. But then this is neglected and then when the pain starts to rise around the area where your kidneys are situated, you know that something is wrong. But then these are early signs, let’s take a deeper look into the symptoms of kidney cancer.

1.    Urine starts to turn red in color because of the blood present in it.

2.    No idea as to why there might be weight loss.

3.    A sudden rise in blood pressure resulting in high blood pressure.

4.    When the count of red blood cells falls, anaemia is evident.

5.    Slow but predictive swelling up to ankles or legs.

6.    There are pain and distress on the sides and back.

7.    There is inflation in the right testicle. This happens when there is a large tumour or cancer in the right kidney of your body.

8.    Fatigue.


There are many ways to which kidney cancer happen in your body. But then some of the measures are given below to prevent/ treat yourself from kidney cancer.

1.    Quit smoking – Smoking is a really harmful way of living life. Make sure that you quit smoking as soon as possible and be away from it. It can cause some fatal disease in your body without even you knowing it.

2.    Have a normal weight – Don't be overweight but have a normal life. Even if you are overweight, make sure that you try to reduce it.

3.    Keep your blood pressure under control – keep in mind to keep your blood pressure under control as low/high blood pressure can be harmful and also be a really harmful effect on your normal functioning of the human body.

4.    But then for treatments surgery, chemotherapy and other sorts of diagnoses prove to be vital if the cancer were to spread more over a period of time. The treatment is different depending upon the stage of kidney cancer that you possess.

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