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Keloids: Facts, Symptoms & Treatment

Health 21-12-2017 1388

Keloids: Facts, Symptoms & Treatment


There are certain diseases which tend to cause some really bizarre physical marks on your body. One of them is keloids. Keloids are nothing but swelling up of muscle tissues or overgrowth of muscle tissues such that it results in some pink bubble-like structure. It could be mistaken for a birthmark but then this is much more significant and also causes pain and a lot of itching. But then keloids are mainly caused by the insect bites, pimples or some unsterilized piercing in the body that can pave way for this disease. There isn’t any particular place where it tends to happen but can happen anywhere.


The occurring of keloids is due to various reasons. But, then the primary area of where it tends to occur when there is an improper formation of skin during skin damage. It doesn’t need a huge space or a small one, but even a little abrasion of skin can result in keloids of not treated properly.


There remains a stability between the production and breakdown of collagen. It is mainly required to maintain or make up the fibres of the skin. When there is a keloid infection, there tends to take place an excessive production of collagen which is undertaken by fibroblasts. These collagen fibers tend to get accumulated and form dome wavy and thicker form of skin that results in a much denser composition than normal skin. Making it much more prominent and disturbing. It’s unclear as to what might trigger this form of healing but then it reduces with proper treatment over time.


1.    Keloids are basically the formed around the wound or slight cuts in your body. But then these wounds might be very small but when keloids happen, it turns into a slight pink hump which is really soft and spongy in nature. It isn’t painful but is slightly itchy in nature.

2.    The main area where keloids tend to happen is on the arms, ears, back, lower leg, neck and chest area. It happens over a longer period of time and doesn’t spread but happen in a particular area. Continuous growth is only in some rare cases.

3.    Keloids can cause some sort of nauseous effect depending on where it occurs. It can also cause pain while walking if it were to occur in the joint area. Also, they aren’t cancerous but in rare cases, they might.

4.    Keloids don’t harden up over time but stay the same without spreading. If it tends to harden, then in either of the cases you have to consult a doctor.


There isn’t any formal treatment to actually prevent keloids from happening, but consultation with a skin specialist or dermatologist can be of assistance.

  1. Injection of steroids in the infected area can reduce the inflammation and can revive you from keloids. Steroids tend to break down the formation of collagen and dissipates keloids from the particular area. Also reduces pain and the swelling up of the scars as well.
  2. A more effective solution if steroids aren’t your thing, then laser treatment is the go-to option for all sorts of skin related treatment. A much faster and effective method.
  3. Have a thorough examination of yourself and make sure that there is no abnormal formation of scars or wounds. Make sure that everything is fine. If not, make sure to consult a doctor to get everything sorted out. Keloids can’t be detected at an early stage but make sure to get it treated when it gets significant enough.


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