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Hernia: Facts, Symptoms & Treatment

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Hernia: Facts, Symptoms & Treatment


The human body can be perfect in many ways but then there are some complications that can be caused when something goes off unexpectedly. One such disease or aftermath or some kind of surgery or activity is a hernia. A hernia is nothing but the inflammation of fatty tissues which tends to squeeze through a weak spot of connecting tissues called fascia. There are many types of a hernia but depending upon where they tend to occur, they are classified into those many types.


1.    An inguinal hernia – it is the state when the small intestine tends to protrudes out of the abdominal wall and comes out. almost 96% of the cases are related to men and this is a primary hernia that tends to happen at all times.

2.    An incisional hernia – this kind of a hernia tends to happen if any person has gone through any abdominal surgery where the intestine pushes through the operated abdominal area that happens more often in overweight people.

3.    A femoral hernia – the kind of a hernia where the intestine tends to enter the canal of the femoral artery of the upper thigh. It is highly ranked among females and also in those who are pregnant as well.


Some of a hernia that happens have no apparent cause but then few might as well have some side effects when it tends to happen.

1.    When a woman is pregnant.

2.    Chronic sneezing or coughing.

3.    A weak spot in the abdominal wall which is premature.

4.    High pressure in the abdomen.

5.    The strain caused while urination and bowel movements.


You never know as to when you might have a hernia, but then these risk factors are inevitable, hence make special care to prevent it from occurring.

1.    Being a male.

2.    Old age

3.    Heredity or family history

4.    Belong to a white race

5.    A chronic cough

6.    Previous treatment for a hernia and hernia related problems.

7.    Pregnancy in women.

8.    Constipation.


1.    A lot of pressure forced on the surrounding tissues – well the rapid pushing of the intestine through the abdominal area tends to cause some pain as well as swelling as well. If not treated, then it can move onto the scrotum and even cause a widespread of swelling as well.

2.    Incarcerated hernia – well what this is meant to say if the part of a hernia that has been pushed out of the abdominal wall tends to have some content in it, then there might be no passage of food or other nutrients and this can cause severe pain as well as vomiting and other kinds of side effects.

3.    Strangulation – well when this happens, the part that has been pushed out tends to strangulate and cuts of the blood flow entirely in the intestine. This is very dangerous and needs immediate operating as it can cause death as well.


1.    You witness a bulge kind of appearance and also experience some kind of aching sensation at the bulge. This bulge is mainly in the abdominal area.

2.    Experiencing a heavy frag like sensation in your groin.

3.    A lot of pressure and weakness in your groin.

4.    Pain is evident by coughing causing extra pain near your groin.

5.    Inability to move your bowel.

6.    Burn sensation near the affected area.

7.    Fever.

8.    Vomiting.

9.    Pain that happens suddenly and keeps increasing.


1.    Quit smoking – besides smoking responsible for many of the other serious diseases, you need to quit it as it can cause chronic coughing which can then later cause a hernia to easily occur.

2.    Carefully lift heavy objects – try lifting heavy objects from your knees and not from your waist. It can easily cause a hernia to take place because of pressure excreted on the abdomen for the intestine to just come out.

3.    Have high intake of fibrous food – fruits, vegetables and other leafy green vegetables are a must in having some really good effect on your body to strengthen your abdomen wall.

4.    Have a balanced diet – make sure that you have a balanced diet and also maintain a proper weight such that overweight doesn’t occur and you have no worries of a hernia. 


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