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Ebola: The Silent Killer

Health 29-12-2017 1777

Ebola: The Silent Killer

There was a recent epidemic break out in the world which took people by storm in causing shock and fear amongst most of them. The disease that we are talking about over here is Ebola. The Ebola virus has its origin from Africa but cannot be traced down as to particularly where. But mostly tests and results tell us that its origin was from the viruses that live the body of the host of animals. Later this virus tends to spread rapidly and caused a widespread of diseases and certainly took mainly lives as well. So let’s get to know more about this virus and also primarily understand it as well.


Well, the causes of Ebola are plenty but then no one actually knows as to why the virus has spread in this manner. Many of the African spices do tend to have the disease but as of not is being contained such that nothing turns out to be epidemic and cause a world crisis in general.

1.               Blood – Well after the animals are dead there is an autopsy done in search of what went wrong. When humans do the autopsy the virus gets transmitted to the human and from there it starts to spread.

2.               Waste products – Certainly this can be one of the reasons, as the tourists who have been to Africa have picked up the virus while coming in contact with the waste that is being thrown in the garbage. Surprising. 

3.               From touch – Well Ebola virus is more likely to be spread through touch or even by coming in contact with the infected patient. Thus even while operating them, proper gear should be worn in order to stop the epidemic disease.


There are certain risk factors that play an important role in actually giving the people a certain cause for this disease. Hence take a look.

1.               Improper Burial – Well the person who has died of Ebola needs to be buried properly and just can’t be dealt with lightly. Primarily because the virus is still active and can spread even after the host is no longer alive.

2.               Animal researcher – primarily if you are an animal doctor and love animals, then you might have higher chances of getting the virus if you are in Africa.


You have no idea as to how or when the symptoms might show up but when it does it can be neglected as something else. But as days progress, it keeps getting worse eventually killing you bit by bit from within. Take a look.

1.               Fever

2.               Raised rash

3.               Chest pain

4.               Weakness

5.               Chills

6.               Pains in joints and muscle pain

7.               Nausea

8.               Internal bleeding

9.               Sore throat

10.            Bleeding from eyes, nose, rectum and other openings of the body.


Well, there is no proper treatment to eradicate Ebola completely. But then there might be some of the precautionary steps in which you can take in day to day life such that it doesn’t harm you and keeps you protected as well.

1.               Wash your hands frequently – well germs can enter through your mouth and also cause some really intense diseases which can kill you. So with Ebola effected nations or area, makes sure that you wash your hands either with soap or with alcohol such that there are no germs that could enter your body.

2.               Never go near the dead – it is mainly because the people who died of Ebola still have the virus active in them such that it can take a toll on the people who might be handling the deceased. Proper protection must be used in order to handle the dead for the prevention of Ebola.

3.               Follow every procedure - If you are entering any sort of Ebola-infected area, then it's best to actually wear proper protection and undergo every sort of instructions that they tell you in order to avoid the disease being transmitted to you.

4.               Avoid certain areas of the outbreak – keep in mind to avoid the places where the virus is still dominant and can get you if you don’t have any sort of protective gear on.

5.               Avoid meat – if you are in the region where the virus is in the surrounding area, then make sure that you avoid eating the meat as it has higher chances for the virus to remain and spread in your body after the consumption of the meat.

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