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Dementia: Fading of Memory

Health 3-01-2018 1717

Dementia: Fading of Memory


Not able to recall any particular kind of thing or even able to forget something recent a couple of times is absolutely fine, but then when this problem becomes persistent and tends to go on a wider scale where you literally cannot remember anything at all for a particular interval of time, then there something wrong upstairs. Well, this is nothing but symptoms of dementia. There no particular reason as to why this might happen but when it does, you just completely tend to forget as to what went wrong or why on earth you can recall that particular thing that you were trying to remember.

Thus through a slow progression of time, you tend to start losing memory and then you just die eventually because your brain is dead. So let’s dive deeper into the topic and get started.


There isn’t one kind of dementia, but then there are several kinds but all lead to brain or memory loss.

1.    Alzheimer’s disease – it is nothing but the shutting down of nerve connections within your brain that slowly results in memory loss and then eventually death.

2.    Huntington’s disease – it is a disease where the voluntary muscles become involuntary and thus paving way for dementia to eventually occur.

3.    Mixed dementia – well its rare symptoms or disease where a person might as well exhibit two kinds of dementia at the same time. Shocking!

4.    Parkinson’s disease – well the disease is relatively accounted to the movement of body parts, but then eventually falls under dementia as the patient eventually get dementia as well.


Well, there are several causes of which dementia can be caused. Moreover, these causes are quite deadly as well.

1.    HIV infection – if you have HIV then its highly responsible for you to inherit dementia as the HIV virus tends to manipulate with the functioning of your brain thus giving you memory loss over a period of time.

2.    Tumors – mainly because of brain tumours, the damage of the brain can highly pave way for dementia.

3.    Anoxia – a disease where the organs aren’t getting enough oxygen for the normal functioning. Thus it even happens in the brain and like a domino effect, slowly the brain starts to shut down because of dementia.

4.    Side effects of medications – having improper medications or having the right medications but the body is allergic to it can cause dementia for a while but hen its prone to happen when there is improper medication which gives dementia.


There are several risk factors that need to be kept in mind such that nothing goes wrong and everything stays normal in your body. A precautionary step in giving you the best of time.

1.    Heavy alcohol consumption – higher the alcohol content can actually tamper with your thinking ability and also make you an addict which can eventually kill you.

2.    Diabetes – poorly controlled diabetes can cause dementia in you.

3.    Depression – giving the brain a lot of stress can develop dementia overtime paving way for some really hazardous memory loss.

4.    Blood pressure – having high or low blood pressure can result in dementia as it tampers with how much blood is being sent to the brain.

5.    Age – well ageing of people is evident and as you get older, the disease is prone.

6.    Heredity – people having dementia running in their family can be prone to having them, so make sure that you get your treat for not having it.

7.    Smoking – another risk factor that can cause some really bad effects in your human body other than dementia as well.


Well, you can come to know if you have dementia when the following tends to happen.

1.    Change in the mood.

2.    Confusion.

3.    Apathy.

4.    No sense of direction.

5.    Loss of memory.

6.    Repetitive words.  

7.    Hard to adopt change.

8.    Hard to use the right words.

9.    Hard to think.


Some precautionary steps that you might have to take in order to keep yourself away from dementia. So make sure you practice them on a day to day life and nothing goes wrong in you for sure.

1.    Have an active mind – don’t make your mind sit idle but give it more and more complex things to solve or get over with, by this way you can keep your mind fully operational and improve on it as well.

2.    Have enough intake of vitamin D – vitamin D helps in preventing dementia and also can help in brain growth as well. So have proper intake of food and have a balanced diet.

3.    Lower blood pressure – when you have allowed blood pressure and have not been treated for it, then the brain doesn’t receive enough blood for it to perform normally, thus this results in memory loss and thus giving rise to dementia.

4.    Say no smoking – stop smoking and you’ll see the change in health and physical fitness in no time.

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