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Breast Cancer: Facts, Symptoms & Treatment

Health 2-01-2018 1952

Breast Cancer: Facts, Symptoms & Treatment


A woman, in particular, has to go through more than what men go through. It is obvious with more the strain there comes more complications as well. Life isn’t fair to both male and females. But then there is something which you just can’t stop and that’s cancer. But in this case, it's particularly breast cancer. One out of eight women in the USA has breast cancer that tends to show how severe of a condition it has become. Let’s take a further look at this disease.


Research has shown that cancer tends to happen when cells are developed abnormally and then accumulate to form cancer which then affects the normal growth of blood cells and thus paving way for cancer. particularly when it happens in the breast, its known as breast cancer. The main causes for these cells to develop abnormally are actually given below.  

It is proven through research that 5-10% of the normal breast cancer that tends to happen in the woman is through heredity. Mainly if any of the females in your family or the past had passed away through breast cancer, then you or any other family members might as well get breast cancer. It’s better to get yourself checked out for it.


Pay a close attention to this as these are risk factors that might need utmost attention if you were to have breast cancer. So read it carefully.

1.    Your gender-  well yes, females are more prone to breast cancer than men.

2.    Heredity – well genes are passed from one generation to another and thus resulting in breast cancers transferring.

3.    Treatment to the breasts – well when any sort of treatment that you might have had to the breast goes wrong in one way or the other, it may lead to breast cancer or some other infectious disease.

4.    Obesity – being overweight can also cause breast cancer.

5.    Pregnancy at an older age – being pregnant over the age of 30 years, paves way for more chances of having breast cancer.

6.    Radiation – certain kind of exposure to radiation can cause some really infectious reactions in your body and one of them can be breast cancer.

7.    Intake of excess alcohol – well when alcohol is taken in improper quantities, you definitely can acquire breast cancer.


How can you come to know whether or not you have breast cancer? A DIY for you to check whether or not you have breast cancer. Take a look.

1.    Lumps in the breast. You start to feel lumps and thickening of the breasts.

2.    Rashes or reddening of the breasts which then turns orange.

3.    Inverted nipple.

4.    Change of the skin such as wrinkling or dimpling.

5.    Change of the size/appearance of the breast.

6.    Scaling or peeling od skin.

7.    Bleeding from nipples.


Try these methods and you have higher chances of preventing breast cancer and living a healthy life.

1.    Breast cancer screening – what this means is to ask your doctor for a report of screenings of your breasts such that you know as to what is there inside of your breasts other than the obvious things that need to be there.

2.    Scan your breasts -  there are many videos and other awareness programs that can help you with knowledge as to how can you detect breast cancer and also know as to when you have the symptoms or not. Make sure that you have the correct way of examining it and having full knowledge of it as well.

Bu then if you want any specialists for a proper checkup then you can always go to where you can find outstanding services and also find the right hospital in your city to get breast cancer treated and get rid of it as well. A brilliant service where you can find experts from almost all the fields and also be aware of the latest of happenings in the medical world.

3.    Moderation in alcohol intake – make sure that when you drink alcohol it’s in normal level and nothing goes out of balance in general.

4.    Have more of physical exercise – make sure that at least for 30 minutes every day you have some physical movement such that your body gets a wake-up and functions properly.

5.    Balanced diet – have everything but nutritious and make sure that you have things which are healthy for your body but not bad and can cause such severe disease.

6.    Proper maintenance of weight – make sure that your weight is at the right level such that your body can function properly and also keep in mind to never overgrow yourself. Can cause some really bad diseases in yourself which can even cause death in later phases.

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