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Marriage : Need of the Hour or Forced by Society

General 14-12-2017 1424

Marriage : Need of the Hour or Forced by Society

This term is always coined by our society, by our neighbours and most importantly by our relatives. The headache of marriage is not taken by the person's parents but it is surely a burden on every other person nearby. Once a girl/boy crosses the teen age, it becomes the hot topic to talk about and search a perspective groom/bride which is particularly done by the very much concerned neighbours and relatives.

The whole concept of marriage has a loophole in it. How come the person who has to get married is never been asked for his/her consent. It never matters whether the person is mentally and physically ready to step into this new journey of life which completely turns the life upside down. No one cares to ask the concerned person what he/she really wants or expects.

The whole agenda involves is to organise a grandsome marriage where, this our so called ''concerned society'' can come and have a platter of food and wholesome entertainment and mind it, if in any way you disagree for having marriage for your career or studies, this society will be the one taunting your parents that their child has gone astray.

My views are not against marriage but it should completely rely on the person whether he/she is ready to come into this life-long affair, for this decision cannot be taken in a haste or under the pressure of someone else.

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