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Shahrukh Khan - King of Million Hearts

Entertainment 13-12-2017 1920

Shahrukh Khan - King of Million Hearts

Shahrukh Khan, a name which needs no introduction. This mere name can evoke several emotions in one's heart and mind. Say this name aloud anywhere in the world and there will be millions of fans cheering and rooting for him. I am too one amongst the ardent fans of Shahrukh Khan and is totally head over heels in praise for him. It is not his acting but his personality, his down to earth nature and his witty response that can make anyone fall for him. His every gesture be it in the movie or outside the movie leaves a certain impact which is undescriptive. The intense with which he portrays every character brings new spark in the scene and there can never be anyone who can romanticize better than him. No doubt he is called the King of romance

His achievements are beyond one's count.He has won 14 Filmfare Awards, 9 Star Screen Awards, 3 IIFA Awards, 8 Zee Cine Awards, 3 Bollywood Movie Awards, 2 Global Indian Film Awards & many other awards.In 2005 he appeared on the cover of the Asian edition of National Geographic magazine dated February 2005. This was a rare honour extended by National Geographic since unlike many other magazines,celebrities are not their natural choice for a cover image. He has also been awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2005.The Government of France has awarded him both the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (2007), and its highest civilian honour, the Légion d'honneur.

Shah Rukh Khan never beat the drums of his charity work. In his interview with ‘Guardian’ he was Quoted as Saying “I follow Quran which says if you do charity for a reason, it’s not a charity“. 

Even outside the silver screen, he is calm and composed and this persona of his has earned him mammoth of fans. Several people travel to Mumbai just to get a glimpse of him and this proves the craziness of his fan following. This article is just a note of admiration which like other many fans I too have for SRK

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