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Guess Who is your SECRET SANTA??

Entertainment 11-12-2017 1050

Guess Who is your SECRET SANTA??

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone has started planning for celebrating it in their own way. Some traditionally, while others with changes in the decorations and fun. 

Most office going people are very excited as Christmas falls on a Monday.

In the last few years we have all seen that festivals are losing some of their charm and every year we feel that the fun part of some festivals are going down . Though, in certain ways Festivals are losing their traditional charm, as many have stopped getting involved in the festivities, other new festivals such as “Halloween” and “Valentine’s day” have entered the Indian scenario mainly driven by marketeers trying to drive up sales of products and services.

Mostly, as we know Christmas is celebrated by Christians. However, one may remember having celebrated it too as a child in school, especially if you studied in a convent school.

This is what I want to say.  We should celebrate each and every moment of life. Every Festival should be celebrated as a festival by people of all communities in the proper spirit.

If you are working in a Corporate set-up, here is what you can do! You can play the SECRET SANTA for your colleague.

The steps are pretty simple!

  • The names of all employees areto be written on slips of paper and shuffled in a container. 
  • Each person has to pick a slip from the box, but should not disclose the name on the slip selected to anyone.
  • You have to buy a gift for the person selected.

 Christmas maybe on a Monday, but you can start playing ‘SANTA’ from 18th and start celebrating the Christmas spirit ember (Monday) to 22nd December (Friday). 

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