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Govt Banned Crash Guard / Bull Bars!!

Entertainment 18-12-2017 2898

Govt Banned Crash Guard / Bull Bars!!

Is your Car / SUV protected with Crash Guard or Bull Bars?? If yes, then its the time to remove the Crash Guard. In a recent circular to the Commissioners of the Transport of all the states of India,  The Indian Ministry of Highways and Road Transport (MORTH) has clearly stated to put a BAN on Crash Guards Or  Bull-Bars on cars and SUVs. 

This has been issued with a strict warning by the ministry and asked the states to take action against the Unauthorised Fitment of Crash Guard / Bull bars as per the Section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act.

Vehicles with Crash Guard / Bull Bars accessories will be penalised under Section 190 and Section 191 or Motor Vehicle Act. 

Most of the Car owner use the crash guard to protect the vehicle from heavy damage, Majorly saving the Vehicles from Scratches and avoid massive damage. It gives a Sturdy, Macho and Classy look to the vehicle. 

The main reason behind the ban is it hits directly the frame or the Chasis of the Vehicle and create severe damages some preventing Airbags from opening which cause major injuries to the person driving or sitting next.

Secondly it is mounted to the chasis which might sustain damages and could prevent crumple zone of the car. This Crumple zone protects the driver and the passenger in any front, offset or a rear crash as it absorbs the colliosion energy. 

Crash guard can lead to major injuries to the pedestrians in case of road accidents and can lead to loss of life too. Latest technology cars are designed considering pedestrians safety.

There is an impact on the Mileage too as these accessories are heavy and increase the weight of vehile  which directly impact on mileage and vehicles performance.

So If you are the one with the Bull bars or Crash guard on the vehicle, get it removed before any damages to the car or to avoid the penalties by RTO and the Traffic Police.

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