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Gender Biasness - Sensible or Sensitive??

Entertainment 27-12-2017 1817

Gender Biasness - Sensible or Sensitive??

It is the 21st century and most of the people will say that there is no more gender biasness now. But if we closely look into this then every act or word of each person has some sort of gender biasness in it. Gender biasness doesn't only imply with women but men are also the victim of it. For instance, it’s completely fine for boys to cry or for girls to be tough but we still find ourselves saying things that prejudice against genders. How many times have you said the following statements without realizing its implications:-

"She is a working Mom", Just like he is a working Dad, Perhaps???

"You don't like that girl staring at you? What's wrong with you, Man?" Why is a man expected to be comfortable with unwanted attention from the opposite sex?

"Stop being such a girl." Because being a girl is a bad thing?

The sexist remarks we hear so often are part of the vicious cycle that prevails and perpetuates gender bias in our society. We cannot eliminate it overnight, but we can take conscious steps and change the way we say and see things. What we say has and will have a positive or negative impact on those around us. By gender biasing in our day to day life, we are inculcating the same in our children, which, as we see from examples in our society, may lead to negative actions.

We expect the girls to learn household chores like cooking and cleaning, Spending more money on education for boys rather than for girls, Bringing up girls with the philosophy that however educated they may be, their priority in life should always be to get married and raise a family, Pushing girls to take up gender-appropriate jobs, like teaching and nursing etc.,Comments like 'Being a boy,you lost from a Girl' and 'Boys don't cry like girls' even when they are made in jest.These are just a few examples of how traditional gender roles are ingrained in young children

Revolution can be brought when each person mends his/her actions and words. It is very necessary to identify gender biasness in our daily lives and realizing as to why there is a need to change the beliefs and actions which are the initial steps towards achieving a society where boys and girls are given equal opportunities, rights, and freedom.

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