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Stock Markets Upcoming Week Preview

Business 25-11-2017 2168

Stock Markets Upcoming Week Preview

When we talk about Ulip Investment people get scared or not ready to invest due to long locking period but in other hand if we say to invest in equity, maximum people get ready for that. As investor in equity they have to think 100 times before investing because of high risks.

I am also an investor and I'm investing by doing research about the stock's past performance, company's good will and also how much is the risk factor behind that stock or company. But the good news is that the upcoming week is good for investment in new stocks like HDFC Standard Life, Mahindra Logistics, Khadim but  old players are also  available where you can expect high returns in upcoming week like in ICICI Pru, D-Mart, Aditya Birla Capital.

Banking sectors too play an important role in the market and you can also expect returns on that. But as a advisor, I would suggest to keep hold on these stocks at least for six months because we are expecting huge returns in these six months and maximum returns comes from insurance & banking sectors. Those who are investing for the first time,please do research deeply about the company and the funds they are investing in. So read,investiagte and make sure you invest a small amount if you are a new player for trading. The prediction for upcoming week is market touch of more than 30 to 40% high as compared to the last week.

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