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Organic is better

Health 8-10-2018 5693

Organic is better

Organic agriculture is governed by very strict government standards.These standards make sure that all the products that have received the organic food permit are produced in natural conditions with no usage of toxic pesticides, growth antibiotics, genetic engineering, sewage sludge, synthetic or artificial hormones, or synthetic nitrogen fertilizers. Moreover, for obtaining organic certification, the land you want to use for organic farming must have been handled without any use of prohibited materials for at least three years. And once you have got the certification, your organic farm would be subject to annual inspection by the certification agency.

The producers of organic food rely on traditional and natural methods of soil enrichment and crop production. For instance, crop rotation, hand weeding, mulches, cover crops for limiting wastage, mechanical control, and dense planting. These methods of crop production, crop protection, and soil enrichment ensure availability of necessary nutrients to the plants. Absorption of major and micro nutrients also becomes better which in turn helps to have produce with higher nutrient content and a produce that tastes much better than non-organic products.

As organic agriculture also ensures soil enrichment, it also reduces the chances of crop disease. This in turn further reduces the requirement of any kind of medicine to be applied or given to the plants.

Just like organic agriculture, organic animal production is also governed strictly. The foremost priority in this case should be animal welfare. Animas that are raised for consumption by human beings should be provided with hygienic and safe living conditions. The animals should not be caged as it produces negative hormones in animal’s body. It should also be made sure that animals are given organic and healthy food. And, after that it should be made sure that animals are not raised using synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics.

Be it plants or animals, organic food is produced with great caution and effort. Traditional methods of growing plants and raising animals requires much more labor and resources than non-organic food. So, it’s obvious that organic food is comparatively a little expensive. However, it is worth it. There are a lot of benefits of eating organic food. It has both health and environmental benefits. For instance, as children are more susceptible to harmful effects of pesticides and synthetic hormones, organic food is best for them. Organic food is also able to meet nutrients needs of children in comparatively much better way than non-organic food.

Chemical free food is good for humans as well as environment.

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