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What is Nimbuzz?

Nimbuzz is a powerful cross-platform mobile calling and messaging app for the connected generation.

Nimbuzz lets it's users to message, call (audio/video), share - images, audio, video files and virtual gifts to their contacts. It also offers next generation group chat and Chat rooms (and you can create your own Chat room!!!).

Nimbuzz is available for Android, iPhone, Symbian, MIDP, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and PC & Mac clients.

How much does it cost?

The application is free to download and use. Nimbuzz requires a data connection, and operator data costs will apply. For this reason we recommend you to have a flat rate data plan or free Wi-Fi hot-spot available to be able to use the full benefits of the application without data charges.

What is NimbuzzOut?

With NimbuzzOut you can call mobile and landline phones at really low rates

You can access this feature in you Nimbuzz application on your mobile (iPhone, Symbian, Android) or your desktop computer (PC/Mac).

To place a NimbuzzOut call you need to purchase NimbuzzOut credit

NimbuzzOut sets up a VoIP connection over your 3G, Wi-Fi or internet network.

What is N-World?
  • N-World stands for Nimbuzz World; where you can get or buy various types of virtual goods, such as Gifts, Avatars, Chat Buddy and games.
  • N-World is currently available on all Nimbuzz clients.
Can I download an older version?

No, for technical reasons we do not provide older versions to users.

Contact our Support Team if you are facing issues with the current version.

How do I download Nimbuzz?
  • You can download Nimbuzz directly on your phone by pointing your mobile phone browser to can also download Nimbuzz from respective client app stores.
  • Desktop: You can download Nimbuzz for PC directly from here or if you have a Mac from here
How do I register my SIP account?

To register your SIP provider, go to:

  • Settings> VoIP Provider> Select SIP provider> Select your SIP provider from the list or choose "Other" if your SIP provider is not listed.
  • Introduce your account credentials
  • Press Ok
  • You can now call from the Dialpad/keypad using your Sip credits.
  • Note that SIP calling is not available on BlackBerry and Java/MiDP/J2ME devices.
How do I add IM communities (ex: Facebook, Google talk)?
  • Nimbuzz lets you connect with your Facebook and Gtalk contacts
  • You can add your IM accounts by going to: Menu> Options> Accounts/Communities>
  • Select the desired community and type your login details
  • Press OK
  • Wait a few seconds and your contact list will load.

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