Please check below for a Partner Program for you.

Mobile Operator

The Nimbuzz Mobile Operator Partner Program will help you to participate in the Web 2.0 revolution. It will create new revenue streams while you maintain control over your subscribers and their social graph and leverage existing investments. Here are some benefits:

  • No license fee
  • No investments other then marketing
  • Fast roll out
  • New revenue streams on VAS
  • Increase ARPU
  • Interconnection options

Please contact us for a tailored solution at

Online Communities

Nimbuzz has created two programs for Online Communities. There is a partner program that is a deep integration with your site and an affiliate program that is a light integration.

The Nimbuzz Online Community Partner Program

The Partner Program will help you by providing a tailored full option communication solution to include in your community online. This can include IM, Presence, Voice, File sharing and many other features. Here are some benefits:

  • A separate Instant Messaging and Presence domain
  • Completely integrated chat and real-time presence
  • Synchronized friends list
  • Mobile extension of your community
  • A stable and scalable solution
  • Increase user growth, engagement, and visibility
  • New revenue streams