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Yes it’s true. With over 100 million users and across over 200 countries, Nimbuzz is arguably one of the most widely downloaded mobile Instant (IM) Messenger Clients.

From USA & Europe down to Argentina, Brazil, the Middle East and all of Asia, we are seeing the Nimbuzz Free Instant (IM)Messenger for Mobile phones, being adopted rapidly, because it is so versatile, so simple-to-use and so very reliable.

Nimbuzz users now enjoy the freedom of communicating with friends between any Internet enabled device – from mobile to mobile, mobile to PC/Mac and vice versa, harnessing the power of the Internet to create the most versatile communication system in the world.

Download Free Mobile Instant (IM) Messenger- Free Messages, Free Calls. Unlimited!

Nimbuzz Mobile Instant (IM) Messenger combines the power of internet and smart phone messenger into one, and lets you make cheap international voice calls, send unlimited chat messages, share files on any mobile device across popular messengers. Nimbuzz Messenger (IM) for mobile phones is available on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Java, Windows and Mac.

Nimbuzz Mobile Instant (IM) Messenger lets you chat with your buddies on Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Live Messenger (MSN) 24x7 for free.

With our award winning free Instant (IM) Messenger for mobiles, you can connect your address book and share unlimited photos, files, music and videos with other friends of yours on Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk and Live Messenger (MSN). You can also connect with your friends on Twitter using our popular chat buddy.

Nimbuzz Instant (IM) Messenger for mobiles is super-popular and our 100+ million registered users across platforms prove that. Nimbuzz Mobile Messenger (IM) is available for every smartphone and feature phone, so go ahead and tell your friends to download free Nimbuzz Mobile Messenger (IM).

Below is the list of Nimbuzz Mobile Messenger’s amazing features that take your mobile IM experience to the next level:

  • FREE HD VOICE CALLS – Cheap International HD quality voice calls for free with all your Nimbuzz Messenger contacts
  • FREE MESSAGING - Replace SMS with unlimited free chat
  • IM COMMUNITY - Connect with multiple IM accounts and have them in one list (Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, MSN/Live Messenger, Gtalk)
  • CHATROOMS - Make new friends in chat rooms and share your location for easy face-to-face meet up.
  • FREE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Appear always online and be available to chat with Push Notifications for incoming messages.
  • OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your push notifications or turn off your phone, Nimbuzz saves your messages offline until you retrieve them during the next application use
  • CHEAP INTERNATIONAL CALLS – Buy Nimbuzz Out credits and make really cheap international calls to mobile and landline
  • SIP VOIP ACCOUNTS – Connect to any of our existing SIP partners or to any other SIP provider and enjoy extremely low cost calls =
  • CHAT BUDDIES – Use our popular chat buddies for Twitter, Cricket, Astrology etc.
  • AND MUCH MORE: Custom chat wallpaper, Landscape mode, Contact sorting, improved Presence Icons, file sharing, precise message time stamps, Chat history, N-world, free Avatars and much more.

Now Nimbuzz users get exclusive access to the exciting N-World from Nimbuzz.

  • From N-World, you can choose awesome avatars from over multiple categories
  • Smile …Chuckle ….Laugh with our Joke Bot !!! (Chat Buddies are special Bot programs who respond with actions based on User inputs)
  • Test your gaming skills with our amazing array of games. Invite and play against your friends and know who’s faster & better.
  • Surprise friends by sending Virtual Gifts available for every occasion.

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