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Business 10-12-2017 797


In two states elections are going on & the two major political parties are contesting with each other’s through many channels like Twitter, Facebook over the development. They are trying to catch the maximum votes in their pocket but these things really going to affect over the market in coming week.

We have seen disturbance in the market last week and after that this current week its covers up also too but still question is  what happen if ruling party lose election or win with small margin in these two states ? As I did research on overall things should I suggest kindly keep hold on your stocks if it’s already in loss or anyone thinking to buy stocks then they can buy because it’s a right time to invest in the market in good fundamentally strong and large cap stocks.

Now I am coming to on my questions, in case if ruling party lose the election or win with small margin then there is a little chances to hit the market goes to under 10000 in NSE & 33000 in BSE but it can recover again with the speed of bull soon or in a week time because we are expecting some good reforms by the centre government in coming days which is help market to go up and boost the hope of investors to invest again in the market.

As I am expecting market will touch 34500+ marks in BSE by November 2018 end & 11500+ marks in NSE but these all are the expectations and how market reacts that all need to be see conditions of the market situation in coming days but still I hope market touch there all time high records very soon.

In my suggestion that’s not be effect that much to the market if something happened in election result against the expectation of the market then it will be for small period of time not for longer so don’t worry.

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